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Johann Gutenberg
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Section B

This section will describe what I found about him

We do not know much about Gutenberg's life.We are not even sure about when he was born.The historians agreed for year 1400 to be the date of his birth.He was a son of Friele Gensfleisch zur Landen,a merchant and Else Wirich.He was born in Mainz.We think that Gutenberg attended a Latin school.(more about his life is in the timeline.)Gutenberg ´discovered a method of printing from movable type.The press consisted of mould witch metal prisms which meant that the type would be a good quality.His bible was printed in Latin and it had 42 lines abnd it was the first book that was printed.

1411 Friele Gensfleisch had to leave Mainz
1428-1430 Johann moved to Strasbourg between these years
1438 there was a trial between him and his partner Andreas Dritzehn
1448 Johann Gutenberg went back to mainz to borrow more money
1450 His printing was in a good state adn he borrowed money from Johann Fust.
1455 Fust won a case against Gutenberg and he had to pay twice as much back
1455 Gutenberg prints his bible
1462 Gutenberg was forced to move to Eltville.



This is a page out of his bible

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